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16 April 2012 @ 12:53 pm
~From Down On Your Knees~
by: Gypsyluv

tell me from down on your knees...Collapse )
21 February 2012 @ 02:33 pm

Original Fiction Drabble
Thump Thump
By gypsyluv
100 words
no warnings
no beta

Mind numbing... the thump thump of the music as our bodies move almost instinctively.
Every slight touch or rub against him igniting me like fire, fever spreading everywhere. Glimpses of lips, eyes, or a bit of bare chest as his shirt struggles to move with his body. The lights flash so fast; emphasizing the beat of the music, making every glance seem sureal. Heart pounding, skin slick with sweat he grabs me and his lips smother mine. What can i do but kiss back. Our bodies smashed together now moving as if we are naked already.
Thump thump... mind numbing.
21 February 2012 @ 02:10 pm

Original Fiction Drabble
The Bite
By gypsyluv 
100 words
no warnings
no beta

Eyes black as night, skin like alabaster. Beautiful as an angel though in reality something far more sinister.
I'm drowning in his gaze... feeling out of body. He's there then in front of me, only a breath away.
Did i lick my lips... my throat itches with thirst.His toothy grin widens as he moves to my neck.
I swallow hard, it hurts as if bitten already. No, my mind screams and yes, my body reacts.
I'm falling then, his arms around me, strong, cold embrace yet I feel fire all through me. I give into it and then darkness.
18 February 2012 @ 04:57 pm

Original Fiction Drabble
A Simple Gesture
By gypsyluv
100 words
written for challenge prompt #52 Love at  lj_scribe

The strength of his fingers wrapping around the back of her neck made her tremble secretly. Giving him control was both intoxicating and freeing. He lead her through the room. A simple gesture, holding her this way, yet not simple. She felt both on display, as if being shown to the room, and captive, as if his hand were a collar. Usually in control, calling the shots, here she can let her love, her trust in him evoke deeper needs and desires. It is profound, and the rest of her skin itches to be touched in just the same way.

Distraction or Dessert?
Drabble ( 712 words)
By gypsyluv
Fandom: POTC
Pairing: (Jack/Will) Torrow
Warnings: Slash (Male/Male relationship)
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, they belong to the damn mouse. All I do is play with them, not making money so get your ears in a bind.
Authors Notes: OMG... it's been forever sense I wrote more then a grocery list! I missed you Jack!
BETA: None this time! All mistakes are my own. Sorry!

MMmmmm Collapse )

14 July 2009 @ 04:34 pm
~Our Spot~
by gypsyluv
warnings: none
authors note: cheesiness may follow hehe! Just stretching my legs a bit. I want to finish my stories.

Our SpotCollapse )
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27 April 2009 @ 04:32 pm

Feeling angsty and trying to get started back on my stories!
So here ya go... 

~Wake Up!~
by: gypsyluv 
Original Poetry
Words... only words.

 Click here if you dare to read.Collapse )
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03 April 2009 @ 12:45 am

braving the storm jorli fic banner

~Braving the Storm~
part 1/?
by: gypsyluv
beta: willys_digs
pairing: Jorli  (Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom)
warnings: M/M RPSlash  eventually NC17 (not this part)
disclaimer: This never happened... it is only the pervy fantasy of a crazy slash junky!
Authors notes: OMG! I'm so happy my Johnny is speaking to me again! *hugs him, luvs him!*
I've put a ? on how many parts its to be... but it shouldn't be no more then 3 really.  We shall see.
And this just hit me out of the blue today... actually it was after starring at the pic I made the fic banner from for a bit! hehe! I've included the full size pic at the bottom!

Also! Thank you to all my friends that have helped to cheer me up and encouraged me lately! I love you all and this is for you!

Damn storm, Collapse )

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lost and found

Lost and Found
Part Five
By: gypsyluv with a little help from my wonderful hubby Scott! (Thank you my love!)
Beta: The most wonderful willys_digs! *Snogs her silly*
Written for: seans_50 fic challenge
Prompt Word: Pie
Pairing: BeanDepp  (Sean Bean/Johnny Depp)
Warnings: AU  overall fic... Slash, angst, explicit sex (NC17)  all eventual, but not necessarily this chapter.
Disclaimer: Make believe, every word of it! All my own fantasy and done purely for fun!

My prompt table is HERE.
Previous parts:  One  Two Three Four

PieCollapse )

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Title: ~The Well Worn Path~
Author:  gypsyluv
Beta: willys_digs
Word Count: 200 (100 is soooooooo hard!)
Characters: Jack/Will ~Turrow~
Rating: PG 13 is that still a rating?
Warnings: Slash... boys kissing! *sighs*
Disclaimer: Not mine... not making money... Only daydreaming with the pretty pirates!
Authors Notes: Written for drabble challenge prompt words Lost and Damned at jackwill. Probably not what most people envision from these prompts but the image hit me and I couldn't get it out of my head. I hope to start doing these more often now that I have more time! *crosses fingers* I miss Turrow!

Well worn path my arse....Collapse )

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