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13 January 2007 @ 09:50 pm
Jorli (Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom) Song Fic ~The Late Night Phone Call~  

~The Late Night Phone Call~
Author: gypsyluv
Fandom: RPS
Character/Pairing: Jorli Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom
Warnings: Song fic, RPS, Slash... as always!
Authors note: This was completely inspired by the song ~lips of an Angel~ by Hinder. The dialog in this song just screamed Jorli to me!
Disclaimer: don't own them, wish I did, not making money, don't sue me! 

Midnight in the South of France





~Johnny, is that your cellular?

Vanessa asks as she turns in Johnny’s arms to face him.

~Who would be calling you so late?




Johnny pulls her into him, kissing her and ignoring the incessant ringing from the next room.




~Might be important darling, maybe you should get it.




~Voice mail got it.

He says sleepily pulling her close again and drifting off to sleep.





3:00 AM…





Johnny stirs from his dream, turning over he wakes up. He looks over at his girl sleeping peacefully beside him and smiles.





He throws the covers back off of him and slides easily from the bed.




~This better be fuckin’ good.

He mumbles as he walks towards his phone which is lying on his dressing table in the next room.


He barely muffles the yell as he stubs his toe on one of Jacks’ toy trucks in the darkness.

~Someone better be fuckin’ dyin’ or somethin’.

He says hotly into the phone.




~Speak up! I know you’re there damn it, I can here you breathing!




~Bugger off!

Johnny barks at the silence and starts to pull the phone away from his ear to hang it up.



A soft male voice comes over the phone.


Johnny freezes in his place. He knows the voice, has missed it, dreamed of it.


He asks not needing to.




~Honey, why you callin’ me so later?


~*Exhale…* Johnny, I dreamed of you… and just needed to talk to you.


~It’s really good to hear your voice.

Truthfully it tugged at Johnny’s heart like a hundred pound weight. He moved quietly across the small room and sat in his big comfy chair that Vanessa wouldn’t let him put anywhere else in the house.

~You were saying you dreamed of me?


Silence again…


After a minute Orlando breathed out the breath he hadn’t realized he was holding.

~Yes. I dream about you all the time Johnny.


Johnny smiles and turns sideways in the chair, lying back against the over stuffed arm and draping his legs across the other one.

~I was dreaming of you too.

He says with a quiet laugh.





They listen to each other breath for what seems like several minutes.


~I miss you Johnny.

Orli finally says breaking their comfortable silence.

~Are you alone?


~No, my girls in the next room.

He takes a deep breath and continues.

~I miss you too, Orli. Sometimes I wish she was you.



Orli says a smile sounding in his voice.


Johnny hears the slight change and it makes him almost weak.

~I guess we never really moved on, huh?


~I know I never have been able to.

Orli says the pain and loss filling him.


Silence again…


~It’s just… the kids you know. It’s a big risk to take.

Johnny says trying to convince himself that he had made the right decision in breaking off their affair.


~I would never ask you to take that risk Johnny. Maybe calling was a mistake?






~No, it wasn’t a mistake. I need to take that risk. I need you in my life.

Johnny finally admits mostly to himself.


~But Vanessa…

Orli asked though he didn’t want to.


~It’s just too hard to be faithful, Orli, when you have the lips of an angel.

Johnny says licking his lips now at the thought of kissing him.


~I have to be with you.

Orli says sounding more desperate then he wanted.


~I’ll be there. I'm leaving now! 



Johnny turned off his phone and quietly got dressed.

He kissed his girl gently as to not wake her, and then did the same with both his children.

He got in his car and left to meet with the man to whom his heart resided.

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brezbriznostbrezbriznost on December 28th, 2011 09:28 pm (UTC)
Awww, this is so cute <3